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SANUS HEALTH, since 2000, takes pride in its efforts to direct our clients’ members to providers who participate in Network.

We use a variety of measures to make members aware of the hospitals, primary care physicians, specialists, freestanding X-ray, ambulatory surgery centers and other types of ancillary health care professionals that are available.

Client Services

Sanus Health is an insurance service provider offering an array of products to insurance carriers, assistance and referral entities, employer “self-funded” plans both private and government, third party administrators and re-insurers.

Provider Services

Sanus Health channels members to network providers when they contact us by telephone. Provider information also is made available in print and through access to electronic directories when compatible/available.

Centers of Excellence

We are committed to patient safety at a high level by exercising care in the selection and evaluation of providers for our network. Thorough credentialing and recredentialing processes minimize unfavorable risks, which in turn, impacts clinical and cost outcomes.

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