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How Can the Claims Process Be Easier?

Filing any claim can be a hassle. Paperwork can be tedious and take away from other important client services. However, the private health industry continues to grow at a rapid rate. In 2018, private health insurance covered approximately 67% of the population, with almost 30% being covered by public options, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This continuous growth makes it essential to find easier ways to process claims. Here are some ideas to consider.

Maintain Patient Files

Maintaining patient files is important for the claims process and client services. When anyone pulls a patient file, they must confirm that information is up to date and accurate. This can make it easier to file claims later on down the road. When claims are filed promptly, everyone has more time for other client services.

Streamline With Modern Methods

Gone are the days when every patient file was kept in a filing cabinet. Now, everything is digital. This makes it easy for everyone to access the same patient file anytime, streamlining the entire process. If a business is not entirely digital, it’s time to switch to modern methods to increase efficiency. Make sure that digital methods are always up to date to increase efficiency.

Conduct Proper Training

Every employee should be properly trained before handling claims independently. When employees have to contact supervisors to process claims consistently, it slows down and complicates the process. Make the claims process easier and more efficient by ensuring that employees know what they are doing before processing claims independently.

Track Denials

When claims get rejected, the reason for the rejection should be properly documented. This can tell businesses where they can improve on certain things. It’s particularly important if the reason that claims are being rejected is due to an employee error. As you track claim denials, stay in contact with employees. Implement training programs as necessary, and ensure that you require mandatory training to guarantee that employees stay updated on their skills.


Outsourcing tedious tasks is always a great idea! It helps other employees free up their time for client services, such as phone calls or training other employees.

Claims can be a tedious process that can occasionally lead to frustration. However, utilizing these tips can make the claims process much easier. Contact Sanus Health today to learn more.