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How to Choose a Third Party Administrator Healthcare Service For My Employees

Employees are a key component of any business or company, so you should ensure that your staff is safe and protected. This is where a third party administrator healthcare service comes in. Third party administrators are popular in the healthcare industry for many reasons. According to Data Decisions Group, private health insurance coverage was more prevalent than public coverage in 2018, covering 67.3% and 34.4% of the population, respectively. Choosing the right one, however, can be difficult. Here are some aspects to consider when picking a third party administrator service to ensure your employees are taken care of.


When choosing a healthcare provider for your employees, the cost of services is an integral factor to consider. A third party administrator (TPA) is a great option for companies looking to save on healthcare costs. TPAs usually charge low administrative costs than traditional health insurance companies. They often pass these savings on to their clients as lower premiums. Additionally, third party administrators have an efficient claims processing system, which saves your company money and time.


The flexibility of quality of service and plan design of the TPA is another factor to keep in mind. A good provider will offer various plans customized to meet your needs and provide excellent customer service to ensure your employees get the care they need. A flexible healthcare service provider can work with you to create a plan that meets your employees’ needs and your company. They can adapt to changes in your company’s structure or size, ensuring your employees receive their coverages.

Legal Compliance

Legal compliance is essential when choosing a TPA healthcare service for your staff. A third party administrator must comply with all state and federal laws. Failure to comply with these laws could lead to the TPA incurring penalties, fines, and other consequences. Additionally, TPAs should have a valid license to operate. Ensure you check with your state’s insurance department to verify the third party administrator healthcare service you are considering has license in your state.

Software, Hardware, Capacity, Personnel, and Experience

A third party administrator should have the necessary hardware and software to support your staff’s needs. The personnel should also have experience and knowledge in the healthcare industry. The provider should have the capacity to support your staff’s workload and the experience to handle challenges that may arise.

Performance Guarantees

A third party administrator healthcare service that offers a performance guarantee means they are confident in their ability to provide the services you need. This gives you peace of mind to know that you’re working with a competent and reliable third party administrator. Furthermore, you should also look at the overall quality of the TPA’s services. Read reviews and compare different TPAs before arriving at a final decision.

Choosing a TPA is important for your business. Be sure to take the time to find an ideal one for your employees’ needs.