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3 Tips For Choosing A Group Health Insurance Plan For Your Medical Practice

Group Health Providers

As a doctor, you understand the importance of proper medical care. That’s why it’s important for you to be able to give your employees the best option for group health providers. Without you, your employees could be some of the 27.5 million people who don’t have coverage at any point during the year. How can you make sure you make the best choice? Here are three tips for choosing a group health plan for your medical practice.

Review Coverage Limits

Increasing healthcare service costs make having sufficient coverage limits crucial. You may want to look for high policy limits that pick up the tab, even for catastrophic events. Pay attention specifically to the dollar maximum per healthcare claim and the dollar maximum for lifetime. The per claim maximum is the total amount that insurance companies will pay on a claim for one incident. Look for a policy that features a limit of at least $1 million.

The dollar maximum for lifetime reduces the amount of coverage with each filed claim. There are some policies that don’t offer this coverage at all. You will want to look for a policy that has at least a $3 million limit for provider services.

Pay Attention To Procedure Limitations

Some insurance policies may impose limits on certain procedures performed by group health providers. Items that may be restricted include amounts spent on hospital room and board and access to certain surgeries. This can have a negative impact on your employees. Consider plans that have the least amount of restrictions when it comes to surgical procedures.

Ask About Patient Support Programs

Many group health insurers offer patient support programs that can save you money. These client services programs can provide your employees access to third-party administrator healthcare with disease information and resources, financial assistance, medical devices, and access to group health providers by phone or online chat. By participating in these programs, you can potentially lower the cost of your plan while improving the overall health of your employees.

Numerous studies have shown that offering an appealing benefits package that has quality coverage can attract top talent to your medical practice and increase their loyalty. When selecting a group insurance plan for your medical practice, take your time and choose wisely. Having healthy and happy employees can benefit your patients tremendously towards better health outcomes and boost your profit margin long into the future.